Possible PSU issue

I recently posted about updating my PSU for a new graphics card and found myself digging out my old PSU from 2004.. It was an Antec SP-350 and a bit dusty .. weeeellll... after installing it I started noticing my hard drive making a really slight buzzing/vibrating noise that's almost unnoticeable and only happens when my PC is running something like my virus scanner but it bothers me to think my "new" lol power supply might be at fault. You guys/gals helped me alot with my last Q so I thought I would have at picking your brains again.

Specs: Intel P core duo 2.6GHz, 4GB DDR2 mem, Nvidia 7050 graphics card/Motherboard, Win7 64bit

things I have done myself to check for major issues
Ran Error-Checking.
Looked/felt for areas that might be rattling from my hard drive.
checked a sound database for major warning sounds.
Panic myself into a mode where I jump up and put my ear an inch away from my hard drive to hear it better.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Hard drives are not silent. They have mechanical parts that move. The drives are usually loudest when starting up.
  2. Not realy an issue...
    My old Seagate 250Gb is noicy as hell when being accessed

    But if you can hear the head crashing(very high piched scraping sound, like nails on a chalkboard) you might have some problems, but that would cause bad sectors that would show up in scan disk or HDtune.
  3. well, it sounds like an electric hum like you would hear from a power station but smaller. It olny concerns me seeing as this wasnt the case before installing the PSU. I hope I just wiggled a ball bearing out of place when moving my PC to get the PSU in but I am wondering if this could be do the the PSU having some issue the is not obvious.
  4. I often hear this with a customer PC and find that the PSU is vibrating ever so lightly against the top/side of the chassis or other mounting point..
    I would try running the PC with the side cover off, and reaching in and pressing the bottom/side of the PSU and see if it stops... A small strip of electrical tape often fixes this..
    Also, the fan in the PSU could have dust on the blades making it off balance a bit.
    anything from a power cable being under tension to a dust bunny getting on the fan can cause it and not be related to the hard drive..
  5. Ive tried all of that and I can hear its coming from the hard drive and not the PSU .. but .. I think I'll stop worrying and just let it be for a wile until I hear from someone that can give me a worse answer like "you PSU is broken and spilling to much or to little power into the HD" lol .. and I'm sure my fears are nothing but my OCD acting up. besides, I have a year warranty on this machine .. I just wont tell them I put in a broken PSU xD lol .. thanks guys/gals

    oh! .. and if anyone has ever heard of something like that please let me know. *parnoid stare*
  6. If your system has a system power/health screen you can look at that to see if something is up.. low voltage can for sure cause an issue with drives..
    I have seem some cheaper power supplies sag down to 11v on the 12v line and cause issues..
  7. I dont know if this helps but...

  8. whats with that plus 3v being at 2.xxx
    am I seeing that right? and isnt that a fairly wide swing on the cpu core voltage?
  9. VCORE is dynamic, but the 3.3V is way to low for my liking...
  10. I suspect that the 3.3 volt reading is actually the memory voltage (that is fed from the 3.3 volt rail).
  11. eh .. I have ordered a new PSU 430w Antec with duo 12volt rails "I dunno what the rail thing means but I was told I should have it lol" .. so I hope this problem is no more and it gets here fast so I don't tempt myself to put the new card in without it xD
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