New computer wont boot. >< helppp

I just build a

Intel 920

Asus Deluxe V2 mobo

OCZ 6gb DDR3 ram

Ati 5770

Corsair 650watt psu

When I hit the power, everything comes on, the mobo lights come on, all the fans, the video card... everything works.. There is also a little blue light under the ram that is on... but no beep.... monitor doesnt come on either...

What could this be?

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    Go through that check list, and double check to make sure everything is connected properly, that is the source of most issues.

    Do you have a case speaker installed? If not you wont be able to hear beep codes. There is a link to where to purchase one in that checklist.
  2. Ok, I got it to post and yes I have a case speaker.

    I put the windows 7 disc in and it went to a black screen and said something about windows loading... now it's at the windows screen (i guess) its blue with a little bird and green leaf on the right side with a really big mouse curser... and thats where it sits...

    Any idea?

    btw, I had to move the ram around for it to post.
  3. Nevermind..I shut it down and started it up again and its working perfect now, installing windows 7.

    Ill post pics of it tomorrow... Thanks for the help and sorry for freaking out. lol.
  4. Alright. Boot with only 1 stick, get into bios and set the memory timings and voltages, its easier for the board to manage a single stick so you should be able to make it into bios and get them changed. Once you do that it should start behaving a bit better.
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