MSI afterburner not saving settings?

Hi all,

My names Andy, i'm new to these forums and to the world of overclocking! I have a little problem at the moment with my overclock settings on my MSI 6970 Lightning.

Everytime I input these into afterburner and apply them and click the apply at start up they work and ET6 and other programs show them as working, but when I shut down and turn it on later, now this is the weird part!

Afterburner still shows the overclock settings but all the other monitor programs like ET6 and CCC have shown them all at default again =/

Never ever did this before!!

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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  1. Hey Andy! First of all, what is your PSU? A low powered PSU could cause your graphics card's overclocked settings to change back due to instability. Also, have you checked off at the bottom of the MSI Afterburner to apply overclock every time your PC starts up?
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