Overclocking has minimal increase in performance

hi everybody,

so i recently started over-clocking my gigabyte gtx 460 soc edition which comes at a stock clock of 815/1630 and memory of 2000mhz. heaven benchmark gave it a fps (min 15, max 53.3)

i oc'ed it to 850/1700 at stock voltage(.975) and got an min fps of 22.8 and max of 93.2 which is a pretty decent increase in performance

then i further oc'ed it to 875/1750 at 1.0 volts and i got a min fps of 23 and a max of 94.4.

i wanted to go up to 900 MHz but if i don't see an increase in performance it doesn't make sense to over volt the gpu for no reason.

is this normal?? should the fps increase start to diminish slowly or is my cpu the bottleneck.

P.S im running a q9300 at 3.0 ghz and havent started to oc the gpu memory yet
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    Of course there is a point where the marginal returns are not worth it anymore. In this case, I would leave it at that first OC, you won't notice the difference.
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