Coretemps way high, or are they?

I have speedfan, open hardware monitor, and coretemp and they all disagree, whats more when I go to the BIOS the temps read in between. I have a brisbane athlon x2 3600 on a biostar Tforce 550 se, 2 gb ddr2 533, (yes, go ahead and laugh) overclocked to 2.4 GHZ with the HT multiplier set 4x so HT is at stock 1 GHZ, Ram set @ DDR 400 so it is running stock speed as well. Right now with just firefox running and the CPU not doing much open hardware monitor and coretemp read around 60C, but speedfan says 42C, and if I go to the BIOS I'm at about 45C in the 30 seconds it takes to get there. When I return to stock speed on everything its a bit cooler but still running way high for what it should be. When I touch the heatsink its fairly hot, not scorching, so I know its transferring heat.
So, should I just believe the monitoring program that's telling me what I want to hear? I hear all kinds of bad stuff about speedfan, but its saying everything is fine, I can run games for hours and no crashes with the overclock I mentioned. One thing that makes me suspect the 60C reading is that it doesn't vary much, it idles about 59 and doesn't exceed 65C during a session of Crysis 2, shouldn't there be more variation between idle and full load? Obviously I'm flat broke running this dinosaur stuff, I don't want to run this machine in to the dirt till next year when I can get an upgrade, should I be worried?
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  1. Oh and I have not messed with any of the voltages btw, and my hsf a COOLER MASTER RR-H101-22FK-RA 80mm Long life sleeve bearing CPU Cooler,, if that matters. It seems pretty decent, it was cheap but its not a stock hsf so I assume its better.
  2. try this for temp report it's free also when was the last time you dust off this mobo and i would change the cooling paste for something like the mx4 or arctic silver 5
  3. HWiNFO agrees with coretemp, reading 60C for core 1 and 62C for core 2, which I just noticed that the lesser used core is reading hotter which is odd. I rebuilt this system about a month ago so its quite clean, its got the paste that came with the hsf, when I get a chance I will change it but I really wonder if this is not a glitch with the temp readings, the BIOS reads way lower, is it possible its cooling down 20C in 30 seconds when I reboot, and then heating up 20C when Windows is loaded? Seems most monitor programs say I'm running way hot but the BIOS reads 40, seems like these programs should be reading the same sensor but I don't think they are.

    Running stock speed now and its @ 56C on core 1 and 58C on core 2, speedfan reading 37C. If I'm frying my stuff anyway maybe I should enjoy a playable framerate while it lasts?
  4. i look at my temp an my cpu report 42 and motherboard 34 my cpu report 35 use speed amd hwm and cpuid monitor all of them report same temp
    i would check if you cooler is fix correctly also take a good look at the fan in it run correctly and also sound report to use the same one in every program
    when reading back first part you write cooler is hot when you get new paste try the stock cooler first and take the temp readings then put the h 1001 and retake temp compare to stock cooler,dont forget you only got a 80mm fan on this one
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