Unknown Graphics Cards

I have a number or Graphics cards which have been given to me, or are not in the correct boxes or have lost their labels, is their a website I can use to find out what the spec of the card is?

I have the following information:


On the front of the board above the chip (which is covered by a heatsink) is written 64MB and then below it 128MB - so is this a 64 or a 128MB board.

On the back of the board is a S/N & I guess what is a model No. R92l-LC3

There is also another number on the back - D33053

Does anyone know from this information what this card is? I have 3 other cards that I need to determin as well, can anyone help or point me towards a website that might have the information?

I can upload pictures if that would help?

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  1. Perfect, thanks for your help. I was trying to google the wrong number.
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