Fluid mechanics boffin

I recall someone here having a qualification in fluid mechanics, laminar flow, turbulence effects pressure variables etc,
but can't remember who it is.
Toolmaker has a few threads involving a very cool custom rad set up and needs guidance on how best to split the flow (12 rads) to minimise flowrate and pressure drops,
I can't advise him on that level, I just don't have the knowledge so I'm shouting up on his behalf :)

is one of his posts on the project,

Thanks in advance,
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  1. conumdrum, jaquith maybe... :/
  2. Could be Conumdrum, I haven't seen him in months though..
  3. it's ok, I found out what I needed, thank you for the help though, but it might be a good learning experience for me to talk to him anyway.
  4. Motopsychojdn said:
    Could be Conumdrum, I haven't seen him in months though..

    I don't think I've seen him around in over a year...minimum.
  5. you have been warned by Rubix+I...tread carefully.
  6. ^Erf? Who warned whatnow?
    Pm if necessary, but I are confused :P
  7. Lutfij said:
    you have been warned by Rubix+I...tread carefully.

    Warned about what?
  8. warned about Conumdrum, he's like an encyclopedia of WC'ing knowledge but he's a very delicate and caterpillar infested book.

    As i said before Conumdrum left Tom's because he got annoyed of how many people asked questions about WC'ing without checking stickies or Googling.

    With toolmaker_03 - i can only assume that he'd be treated with a very rough sandpaper on his cheek. Though i'm not discouraging him, its just the way to ask thats key here - i had a conversation 7 months ago on overclockers.com but it didn't last long and his answer was Google :/ so you can understand that he likes to dish out - "go find it yourself" approaches.

    Personally, i don't like talking bad about others, just that toolmaker being a kewl/honest guy - would look bad if he were to be treated bad and we didn't warn him.

    * we spoke of Conumdrum on another of toolmakers threads - thas why i mentioned warning him.
  9. Ah yes. Yeah, he is a very smart guy and has been around the WC world, but does have an abrasive side. I didn't always agree with him, but mainly having to do with approach and personal interaction more than actual WC knowledge. I learned a decent amount from our interactions, and I feel that if he were still around here, he'd continue to offer a lot of advice to readers if they were able to hang in there and have him warm up a bit.
  10. Quote:
    if they were able to hang in there and have him warm up a bit.
    if the steak takes too long to cook and serve, i'm better off getting Chinese take-out :)
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