8400 Gs

I have nvidia 8400Gs 512 MB

My Counter Strike 1.6 is not smooth i have 100 fps all time and ping 10-20 but the game is lagging

I need to play on 640x480 because when i change the resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768 i get choke ,loss, lags
Recoil is disaster even when i play on 640x480

And also sametimes my screen go black and after 3-4 sec is normal again

Driver version : 191.07
DirectX version : 9.0c

what should i do?

plz help
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  1. I thought the latest driver was 195?

    Did you try typing, "rate 30000;cl_updaterate 100;cl_cmdrate 100" in console?
  2. "rate 30000;cl_updaterate 100;cl_cmdrate 100"
    and rate 25000 cl_updaterat 101 cl_cmdrate101 ex_interp 0.01
    i have try every thing
  3. Does this happen on all servers? Create your own server (from in-game), and see if this still happens.
  4. No the game is running normal on New Game but when i try go online all the problems start
    i have 10mb Virgin Media internet cable i phone them and they told me that my internet is running normal
  5. Well the problem definitely isn't in your graphics, it's with your networking.

    Can you do me a favor.

    Type, "net_graph 3" in console (no quotes), join a game, and take about 3 screenshots, about 5-10 seconds apart from eachother.
  6. There's some choke, but a choke of 1-5 shouldn't do any damage.

    Were you lagging out during those screens?
  7. this is nothing somtimes i have choke up to 100 ..
    when i shoot at someone the bullets Go Through them .. it is hard to kill
    i play cs form 2002 i never had this thing
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