Can Phenom II 955 run on this mobo?

So atm i got a Gigabute GA-MA69GM-S2H motherboard, which as far as i can see only supports AM2 processors, does this mean i can't run the Phenom II 955 as it's AM3?

If not, what are the best AMD processor available that runs on a AM2 mobo

Reason for not wanting to change mobo is that all the mobos i could find were only running ddr3 ram, and i use ddr2 and don't want to replace them
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  1. I guess you missed these DDR2 boards:

    HOWEVER: if you plan on a new build of any type or brand I would caution that attempting to "save" your old ram now could end up causing regret in the future.

    EDIT: BTW: The gigabyte website shows that with the newest bios your board supports many AM3 chips. Just not the 125W/140W 955 or 965 chips. (It looks like any 95W or less is okay.) You just have to look at the Gigabyte website.
  2. Awesome, guess i can leave the mobo and spend a little extra on my GPU and CPU =)
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