Geforce gtx 275 or two radeon 4850

i am planning to upgrade my graphics card, what will be a better option
two ati radeon 4850 or one geforce gtx 275...

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  1. 2xHD 4850 would perform better,but what resolution are you going to play ?
  2. It depends on your power supply. Two 4850s in crossfire will require more 6-pin power connectors. Also, consider that your desktop will be louder and require more power. I would recommend one GTX 275, but I think you would get higher frame rates and resolutions with a dual card setup.
  3. get the 4890 instead or a 5850 if you can find one
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    I vote 5850 if you can find one. Granted it costs more than (2) 4850's but doesn't require as much power, would run cooler, has DX11, and best of all is a single card.

    Out of your two choices though, a pair of 4850's would out perform a single gtx275.

    If you are on the cheap, the (2)4850's are the best bang for the buck.
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