No memory? = no Monitor SIgnal?

Hi i just finished working on my computer, however I had to send back RAM to tigerdirect cause I chose to get 4GBs instead of 2, i assembled my computer and all, when i plug it into the Video card (with the VGA adapter) and hook it up to my monitor i have no signal...

Problems that i think are causing this?:

1) NO RAM!!
2) Cant use video card unless Driver is installed

if my hypothesis is right bout the no ram part then i guess i'm good, if not then i'll need to get a HDMI to VGA adapter .

please some one help, i really think its cuz of the no ram thats why i'm not getting a signal
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  1. Nope, nothing is going to happen (except a series of beeps if you have a speaker hooked up).
    Your video card does not need a "driver" for the POST screens. The driver is strictly for the OS.
  2. omg thank u so much so so so much, i'm getting my RAM this tuesday and hey why not ill put up my specs ey?

    MSI K89N2 SLI premium
    AMD phenom II 9650 quad @ 2.3 w/ 2MB of l2 and 3 for a total of 4
    9800GTX+ (soon to be 9800GTX+ In SLI)
    Antec 900 TWO
    DDR2 800 MHz (4GB)
    SeaGate 750GB sata
    1 X 200mm "big boy" top fan 1 x 120mm side fan 2 x 120mm front fans and something nice if i may say so :P 120mm Internal "middle fan" and rear fan
    and a SLI ready 650W PSU from x power

    so yea thats that :) a total of 750$ total for this build i likey (750 w/ 19" monitor)
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