Recently departed Abit IP35 Pro....

She's bit the dust, I think, but it's time to upgrade. Taking suggestions for a MB to live with a Quad 9880, DDR2 1600 memory(8gig min), 6+sata and external, 2 PCI express(would like 3 slots), would like SLI, a bunch of usb ports, more layers in the MB, OC potential, and reliable.

I transport my box quite a bit and this may have led to the dimize of my Abit. What a great board, but it may have been too light-weight. I think Ansus has boards that have additional layers--not sure.

All suggestions will be held in strictest confidence,
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  1. Could you list your specs again? Please check lol, because I haven't heard of a Core 2 Quad Q9880 or 1600MHz DDR2. (There's 1600MHz DDR3, but the Abit IP35 Pro uses DDR2 IIRC)
  2. SORRY,
    DDR2 1066, and a Q9550....
    oh boy, late night....
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