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Built a beautiful system fo my nephew. I7 920, P6T Deluxe V2, 6 gig Mushkin Redline 6-7-6-18, Thermalright True Rev. C, His Radeon 5850, Win 7 Home premium 64 bit, Haf 922, 1 terabyte WD Caviar Black, Logitech G15, G5 Mouse, Hp dvd burner, Lg 23" widescreen. Overclocked it for him to 3.4 Mhz. Memtest 86+ v.4 and Prime 95 are both happy. All latest drivers and Bios,No glitches, no hitches, no bugs, no nothin. Easiest Build I've ever done. Overclock setup took @ a minute. Running cool temps after 5 hrs of prime 95 small fft. ( Damnit ! wish it was mine, Ram and Vid card can't even be had now !)

Don't understand Catalyst Control Center. Have unlocked ATI overdrive, bottom of tab shows card currently running at lower core and mem speed than card is rated for. Is it just "idling" ? Does it ramp up automatically when needed ?

OOPS. Psu is Corsair HX750
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  1. It stays in idle state with the clocks turn down when not in use to keep temperature down. When you give it a task or a program to run it will kick up to what ever the clocks are set in overdrive menu. If you have it unlocked you can see the sliders under the core speed and memory speed. You can move those up and down to either overclock or underclock the card.
  2. Yes its fine thats the ATI power play working. It drops the clocks down when your just in 2D like the desktop and ramps it up to full clocks when need for gaming.
    Also i think the fact that its reading the single data rate may be causing some confusion. The numbers you are looking at X4 is roughly what your actual speed will be. Its because of the way GDDR5 works. The larger number is what you will see advertised as it looks more impressive.
    Its all fine.

  3. Thank you for the feedback guys.
    In case anyone needs to know, I added a 200mm X 30mm Red led CoolerMaster
    fan to the Haf 922 side panel to be sure the video card had plenty of fresh cool air.
    It's @ 24 bucks from It misses the top of the Thermalright True Rev. C by about 3/8 inch.
  4. you can run the test thing to see if a clock is stable in CCC and just alt + tab to switch back to CCC. It'll still use almost 100% of the card and you can see temps and the actually clock.
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