Laptop hard drive accessable but telling me to replace?

Hi , i have a laptop that started blue screening so i did the built in bios hard drive diags and that told me to replace the hard drive.

But i thought id link it up to my pc to see whats going on ...

So i plug it in and its detected like nothing wrong , im unable to acess the files but they are deffo there.

Is the hard drive faulty or not ? :S

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  1. First to do is to back up the hard drive, if you are running Windows check the system event log and filter the log for errors, and critical. Check for disk errors. If there are disk errors run a chkdsk and repair errors. If there is a indication the drive is failing I should do a drive image to an external hard drive. It may be time to replace the laptop drive.
  2. Try A Comprehensive Smart Diagnostic Look For Reallocated Pending Or Uncorrectable Sectors

    hd sentinel (dos / windows / linux)


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