Good 120mm fans???

I’m looking for some good 120mm fans with LED's, I was thinking about the Bitfenix ones but I’m not sure, also I don’t want to spend more than £15 each.

What do you suggest?

Thanks for your time Tom.
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  1. Gelid wings blue LED 120mm fan-$17

    Bitfenix Spectre LED 120mm -$9
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    I almost only use scythe fans for cooling. But it comes at a premium pretty often. I have spent upwards of $80 just on fans for one comp to keep it cool and very quiet. I will have to use two fans in place of one to move enough air while keeping the sound very low. They do offer louder, higher cfm fans but I have never used any of those. Just search for 120mm scythe and check the cfm (airflow) vs db (noise) to find what works for you.
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