Formatted disk, installed Win7 - missing 48GB of disk space


I just ran a Windows 7 64bit install and while at it, formatted my laptop's C drive, which is supposed to have a capacity of 150GB. Now, right after the install it implies a total capacity of 102GB. Have checked it with TreeSize, WinDirStat and at MS-DOS prompt.

Would obviously love to get everything I have in use before installing any software. Any idea what might work? Thanks!

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  1. Did you do a clean install or an upgrade?
    When you do an install of windows 7 it walks you through partitioning the HD and then formatting it. My guess is somehow you added a new partition to the HD and the windows 7 installer used all the free space on the drive to make it.

    Just for fun go to control panel / admin tools / computer management / storage / disk management
    You should have 2 entries here.

    c: drive 95gb or whatever
    system reserved drive 100mb

    If you have a 3rd drive shown here that is your old data in its own partition.
  2. What does disk management show? Win 7 creates a 100Mb system partition. The rest of your space may be unallocated or a partition hasn't been formatted and assigned a drive letter.
  3. Thanks for the input! It seems I may have left something important out..? My 160gig HD is divided into three partitions:
    system/C, which was in the beginning 150GB;
    'HP_recovery'/D which came with HP's XP install, 7,8GB as it's always been;
    and OS_tools/E, which also came with the initial HP setup: 1,6GB, as it's always been.

    So, what I did was a clean install of Win7, not upgrade. I left the partitioning as it was, and just formatted the C partition.

    Bucknutty: I checked disk management, but didn't see "system reserved drive" next or anywhere close to C:.

    Now, I recalled something that I once saw in XP. Not sure if it's relevant at all though. I was checking my cache folder in Adobe Premiere, and came across a folder the size of 30-40GB, which didn't show in explorer and was taking up space just like now, but in the Premiere settings panel I could delete the files in the folder. I figured it was some kind of a temp directory. Might have been under My Documents, Adobe... or program files, Common... Just checked the latter one, nothing major, checked hidden files.

    Could it be solved by running the win install again and re-partitioning everything again..?
  4. You could run the install again and when you get to the disk screen you can hit options and delete all of the partitions 1 by1. Then when u choose the drive it will make u 1 new clean partition.
  5. I ran the install again, deleted all partitions, but was still left with the same amount of disk space, 111GB.

    All ideas and suggestions are very appreciated!
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