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I just build the pc listed below, im having issues with the bios and settings. I have looked through the guides posted here but i'm going back to square 1. I was hoping someone could post some links for me to some beginner o/c(memory, gpu, cpu), memory timings, bios settings, or any other guides or tools (i have cpu-z and pc probe) that you think might help me begin o/c'ing and fine-tuning this rig. My biggest problem with new rigs comes when i open the bios for the first time, unknowing some of the terms and how the bios is set up, and i get frustrated and confused. Take memory for example, i was very shaky on the memory timings, what they mean, how to set them, etc, and now there are a million different memory settings and to top it off, the mobo only reads the memory at 543.6mhz when its supposed to be 1600, i know i am supposed to manually set this, im just unsure how. Hopefully some simple guides can help me on my way. Heres my setup with a Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 which is not listed :

1 x ($149.99) CASE CM|RC-932-KKN1-GP BK RT - Retail

1 x ($173.99) MEM 2Gx3|OCZ OCZ3P1600LV6GK R - Retail

1 x ($139.99) PSU CORSAIR|CMPSU-850TX 850W RT - Retail

1 x ($288.99) CPU INTEL|CORE I7 920 2.66G 45N R - Retail

1 x ($359.99) MB ASUS ROG RAMPAGE II EXTREME X58 - Retail

1 x ($54.99) HD 500G|SAMSUNG HD502HJ % - OEM

1 x ($36.99) CPU COOL SCYTHE|SCMG-2000 R - Retail

Oh, and my bios as read by cpu-z is American Megatrends Inc. Version 1406 with a date of 06/01/2009
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  1. Anyone have any suggestions? Im at a loss here.
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    But proceed with caution...And double check what you are doing is right...Dont just set the settings in the BIOS...see what they are used for and what is being affected...
  4. thank you so much, i didnt think anyone was goign to reply! i really appreciate your you can tell im active duty air force so i dont have much time to find the articles..barely enough time to read them :)
  5. ^ That's nice to hear...But again I would like to say you that before changing any settings, get to know what it is and what is the max that way there is a less chance that you will blow up your mobo/ CPU :P
    Good Luck :)
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