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hello, i have done some some searching and didnt quite find what i was looking for :P
Anyways, for many years ive lost a lot of important and personal data due to, either stolen hdds ( only 1 but still) or factory defect hdds, or you name it, so one day i thought, hmm safe storage raid? great idea, so about 4 years ago i bought 2 sata 2 wd 1tb hdds and put them into a safe storage raid, where they mirror eachother, and since then i havent lost any data and have been happy with being able to keep files ( movies, music, game files etc..) Now, im having an issue with one of the discs in my raid. one of them, i believe, has some errors on it, and when my computer reboots, its goes into the disk error checkin screen before it loads windows and start deleting files... (i actually lost all my music on my storage raid)

A friend of mine recommended i try running hiren's boot disk, which i have run the program on my safe storage raid) i run some sort of WD utility on it which is apparently supposed to run for a few hours, and it only takes a matter of a few seconds to run and says it passes!I dont know how to go about this, and yet i feel that if i cant keep my files safe in a raid, then what haha!

I appreciate any help!
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  1. Having separate external hard disks stored in a different location is an excellent solution. If one is stolen or damaged, you still have another one that contains your important data. Unfortunately a RAID is not a backup solution and it never was meant to be. Having hard disks permanently attached to the system doesn't prevent accidental file deletions, viruses, etc.

    I hope you had a backup of your music.
  2. i didnt have a back up of my music. but apparently its back. i know that sounds weird.. but after i had shut down my computer and restarted it, i was able to see all the music that was in that folder.
    Ok, i will take your advice. maybe leave one of the hdds in the case, and maybe invest in an exterior hdd. seeing how they"re fairly cheap nowadays!
    usb3 external storage is pretty quick aswell.
    thank you very much for your response! i appreciate it!
  3. I'd keep the system as is and perform regular backups to an external hard disk stored in a different location.
  4. ok. allthough, im also trying to cut down on hdds in my system :P i have a coolermater cm690 2 advanced and im trying to get rid of some hdds, so that i can take that bottom hdd rack out to put some 140mm fans to get more air through my case :P . i was thinking of getting @ 1tb 2.5" hdds so that i can switch them out with the regular sized hdds i have for my raid. i dont need speed anyways. not for storage. but i can probably manage otherwise !
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