Any 24" monitor recommendations?

I'm in the market for a 24" monitor and I've been looking at this Asus. Anyone know if Asus monitors are good and if I can get anything better for the money?

I need to stay under $200, so I'll have to go for a cheap TN panel. I'll be using it for fast-paced gaming, so response time is more important than color accuracy.

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  1. ASUS does make some low cost nice monitors. They are bright and good for gaming, but the colors tend to be lacking especially when you want completely accurate color for real fine graphic apps. But for gaming they are great. My buddy has the 25.5" 2ms model.

    That monitor is fine and nice with the rebate, but for fast paced gaming you want the fasted response time you can. I'd stick with a 2ms model if I were you, possibly the one below. In no way would the one you list be bad, but the tendency for ghosting would be higher on a 5ms over a 2ms. And I hate ghosting. I am looking for a new monitor after xmas. I have a 5ms dell 22"
  2. watch out for dead pixels...make sure you get it shipped by Fed-Ex or you may have to count the dead pixels before they grant you an RMA.... UPS likes to kick their boxes around the warehouse ;)
  3. I had a bad experience with Viewsonic with those stupid stuck pixels. They did make me count them. This was 4 years ago before I knew what it was for. haha.

    I like my UPS people, the area distribution center is right up the road and the girls in the store know me by name. I'd throw a fit if a box came in damaged. I'd break some heads and make sure they pay for it's new replacement.
  4. yea, for normal items like fans, cathods, HDD's etc.. I can go with UPS, but for monitors I use Fed-Ex, specially since I already had an issue with the EGG last time UPS sent me a dead monitor.... Box was crushed on all 4 corners and they almost made me count the dead pixels when the monitor would not even power up...
  5. WOW. I usually have them hold the package at UPS if its of somewhat value and I pick it up over lunch. I don't think I would even accept a package that was damaged like that. I'd file a report on the spot before I even open it.
  6. > they almost made me count the dead pixels when the monitor would not even power up

    Let's see: 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 dead pixels (two million seventy-three thousand six hundred)

    That was easy!

  7. well the Egg sent me a replacement that same day, the only issue was dealing with the trip to UPS and sending back the dead monitor....
  8. Here are two 24.6" monitors that are 189.99 right now, both with 2ms responce time and full HD. I have the i-inc one right now and it is beautiful. My first one had no dead pixels but others have had bad luck but both companies (tiger and new egg) stand by what they sell and will replace until you are happy with your purchase.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll go with fedex, then. The Asus VH242H says 5ms, but I believe that's black to black. I think it's 2ms grey to grey.

    Anyway, I'll check out those other monitors too.

    EDIT: I just saw the peripheral/monitors sub forum. Sorry I put this in the wrong one.
  10. I always stick to sammy or LG with my monitors
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