Odd white bar when loading OS????

when i am booting xp I am getting white blocks at the bottom of the screen and then a solid white line overwriting them as if a program is or script is running/loading? I hace installed this os many mnay time sa nd still use the same cd. Never before... the thing is I sinstalled a fresh copy of xp on ttwo vry similar machines this morning then went out. when I came back both machine had exactlt the same symtoms,...although one "loads" the bars quicker because it is a fatser machine. Once the solid white line has loaded all the white blocks then teh system seeems to bboot normally...

I sit possible to place a script or piece of malicious software in my RAM or somewhere else that no matter how nmany time I reinstalled the OS the script or mailicious software would still be there and be able to execute pre-boot?

I have a few problems with some highly technical people who probably have ilegal access to my flat so I have good reason to be mindful.
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  1. the loading bar you described is the normal loading bar. the program that is running is windows! :)

    it is not possible to save a malicious script in ram while the computer is off. however it is possible for a virus to remain in memory while you reboot your computer.

    if you are concerned about people accessing your computer you should

    1) backup your data
    2) encrypt your entire hard disk with truecrypt. it will require you to enter a password before windows loads to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. thanks for the reply mate, its not my data I'm concerned about, its the actual computers I am working on being tampered with to cause me grief..

    makes me sick mate,

    thanks for the input tho NHASIA.

    take care.
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