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Okay, so I have satellite internet with a Netgear router, and when we first got the internet, the installation guy set everything up, including the network and stuff, which recently got deleted (who knows why), so I set up a new network and accidentally made it security-enabled so it gave us a passphrase/security key to type in each time we connected, which I never bothered to write down.. So I can't find that.. and I tried resetting our router by pressing the reset button, which didn't work. So I'm currently using our dial up internet.. I tried plugging the router into our laptop and doing the http: or whatever it was, and that didn't work.. and I tried just starting over and making a new network, but it's saying it can't find hardware or something. So, is there anyway I can find out what the passphrase for the connection is?

Thank you.
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  1. Can't you run a wire to the router and disable/change the wireless security?
  2. @ebigrad i can try that, thanks. i'll let you know.
  3. alright, i plugged a cable into my laptop and tried to change the settings, but i have no idea how to change it and i looked everywhere to see if i could and i couldn't find anything.
  4. Isn't there a wireless security section? What's the make/model # of that router? We can then look it up in the manual.
  5. Btw, in the worst case, you could just do a factory reset. I know you said it didn’t work. Just make sure you hold the reset button long enough. Sometimes a quick push and release only reboots it. But a longer push and release (say 30 secs) will return it to factory defaults. That will definitely remove any previous wireless security.

    NOTE: If that router had to be configured in some special way to work w/ your satellite, then you might very well get back into the router but need to reconfigure it again. Now to be honest, that doesn’t seem likely, but I thought I should mention it at least as a possibility. That's why I'd prefer you only did a factory reset as a last resort.
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