880gm-ud2h 4 long beeps after restart

I just built a machine with a 880gm-ud2h mobo, and a 6-core AMD processor.

It starts up and runs fine, but when I restart it, I get 4 long beeps, and then nothing.

If I remove the power cord for a few seconds and then start it, she fires right up.

I've check all of my front panel connectors to be sure the are all plugged into the right F-Panel pins, and the are fine.

Any ideas?
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  1. What BIOS version are you using? The newest F5 BIOS added support for for the X6's. If you haven't already, get it from the Gigabyte site and update it. Read from page 66 of the motherboard manual on how to do so. Hopefully, that will solve your problem.
  2. I upgraded to the F5 version. No change.
    The Corsair memory that I'm running is 1.5v, but this mobo can only go down to 1.6v.
    Gigabyte now says that this memory is not on their Qualified Vendors List http://www.gigabyte.fr/FileList/MemorySupport/mb_memory_ga-880gm-ud2h.pdf .
    I bought this as a kit from TigerDirect/CompUSA. So far they have been useless, stating only that they are removing this barebones system from their website.
  3. I ended up having to RMA the memory.
    I replaced it with Patriot and the mobo now boots and restarts with no beeps.
    Too bad CompUSA/TigerDirect doesnt check for compatibility before they bundle a package.
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