M4A785D-M PRO wont display bios on startup

Hello, last night I was watching a movie, and then suddenly everything freezes and, when i tried to restart the computer the screen is black, I have tried to change the RAM and the CPU, I get now warning beeps or anything, It wont even display the first thing when you start a computer "F2 to boot" "Press Del to enter bios" not even that screen, Is my motherboard broken?
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  1. i have the exact same problem. computer powers on (fans all start, GPU, HDD and dvd drive powers up, HDD and power leds stay on) but there is no display on my monitor.

    tried new monitor, GPU, PSU, RAM and clearing the BIOS. with no change.
    the only thing it could be is either the motherboard or CPU. i am leaning towards the motherboard as i the cpu is always adequately cooled.

    i never get any beeps, but i never did when it was working.

    anything i can try before i RMA it
  2. turns out it was the power supply that had become faulty
  3. I think it's my RAM that's damaged so i will try out some new once. Good to here tho that you solved yours
  4. cheers, it actually turned out to be one of my RAM sticks aswell as the PSU. which made it all the more complicated.
    hope you fix your problem
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