Voltage auto adjusts in bios and windows, despite setting manually


Trying to overclock a q9550 on a Gigabyte EP43-UD3L motherboard. I'm starting modest, pushing a 345 FSB up from a 333 with a 8.5X multiplier (not changeable). Boots okay, but I get prime95 errors. I'm seeing when i open cpu-z that the voltage is running at 1.212-1.248 despite me setting it at 1.275 in the bios. I went through and disabled every voltage/speed setting I could find in the bios, but I still get this throttle. Can anyone shed some insight? Any more information you need, I'd be happy to provide
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  1. Just looking at your title, I already knew you got the Gigabyte board :)

    - Use Driver Sweeper to clean all Gigabyte softwares
    - Reflash your BIOS (use Qflash with USB drive, just be careful)
  2. Heh, thanks. I spent a while thinking of how to describe what's happening.

    When I use driver sweeper, I'm sweeping with intel chipset correct? I've only used this for graphics drivers before
  3. Well I tried the suggestion above and I still get the same problem. Any other suggestions? With Tribes Ascend out, I'm really looking to send my CPU into overdrive!
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