Asus P4B freezes at startup.

-I'm going to talk about the BIOS setup, since i do not remember how everything looked like, i won't be able to explain everything detailed. But i'll try.-

My Asus P4B has had some USB problems, there were 2 new USB ports that weren't recognised so I tried solving the problem in BIOS, what I did was searching for something that had to do with USB ports and what i found was somewhere in the PCI settings. I don't know what it was called but it had USB in it. I put it to Primary and saved the settings. After i rebooted, the computer freezed at the Asus logo. I tried running BIOS again. I pressed Delete/Insert/F2 right when the logo appeared and it ended up saying "running bios..." but nothing hapenned. So how do i get my pc starting?

I'll try to explain what i did again:
2.Somewhere in the first page, there were 3 kinds of settings. 2 of them were minimized, i opened one that was called something like "PCI Setttings" (i'm not sure)
3. One of the options had USB in its name, i had 3 choices:
- Primary
- Disabled
It was first set on and i changed it to Primary.
5.I rebooted my pc and it freezed at the big Asus P4B logo.

Sorry for my English.
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  1. Did you try clearing the CMOS, it should restore bios defaults. Just to be on the safe side disconnect the USB devices before clearing the CMOS. Removing the CMOS battery for a bit should be good enough. If you want to do it per P4B user manual see instructions below.

    To erase the RTC RAM:
    1. Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Place a jumper cap over the pins for a few seconds to short the
    jumper. Remove the jumper cap.
    4. Re-install the battery.
    5. Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer.
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