Can OC'ing cpu damage southbridge?


I am a newbie OCer but have been overclocking my cpu in some years now. I have always been using [AUTO] on the bridges voltages.

I've been having alot of trouble with my Harddrive getting damaged (click of death?), and it now happened again.

4 years ago or so i actually replaced like 3 seagate harddrives that broke after like 2 months. I bought a WD caviar black, and have gotten a new Motherboard in the mean time, but now my HD failed again. It is around 2,5 years old.
Im pretty sure it happened when i was at a lan, some months ago, with a high indoor temp.?

I know hardware doesn't long forever, but WD have 5 years warranty on the caviar black, so that bad of a product it can't be?

So, my question; Can a bad CPU overclock somehow damage the southbridge/harddrive?

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  1. I would say since you're leaving the bridges voltages on auto it shouldn't be a problem, just because a HDD has a 5 year warranty does not guarantee it will last 5 years.

    Im pretty sure it happened when i was at a lan, some months ago, with a high indoor temp.?

    Sudden temperature changes going to lans can have a detrimental effect on HDDs, or for that matter any of the rest of your electronic components, especially with drastic temp changes and transporting in a cold environment, you should always allow at least 2 hours for the computer to acclimate to the new environment before powering it up.

    Depending on various humidity changes condensation can occur inside your computer and that's bad!

    You can shorten the acclimation time by removing the side cover and running a fan blowing air into the case.

    Never power up time you get there!
  2. sounds reasonable.

    So there would be other sign if it was actually the bridge that was damaged? Right now im running an very old 40 gb IDE harddrive, without probs so :) other than its terribly slow...
  3. That would be slow!
  4. well thanks for your help :)
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