Dram timing mode help!!

what is this dram timing mode?
dct o,1 or both?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    DRAM Timing Mode is unique to Phenom, when you set the memory to Unganged(should be by default) you have two memory controllers ( DCT0 and DCT1)
    DCT0: sets the timings for that controller
    DCT1: sets the timings for that controller
    Both: sets for both, two sets of timings on same BIOS page
    Auto: should set both

    I guess if someone had lots of time they could play with the timings and set different values for each controller, but I could never see why anyone would want to.

    Just set the DRAM Timing Mode to auto or both, be aware that you will likely have two sets of timings, set both of them. (CAS, TRCD, TRP, TRAS)

    Or See answer here
  2. Thanks for the reply but i didn't get it that much...
    You mean DCT0 and DCT1 are just like profiles and i can save different values of CAS, TRCD, TRP and TRAS for both of them and can select any one easily from the bios??
    if it's that then what's "both"?? 2 timings for a single ram at same time??
    it's like quantum theory lol delocalization of memory timings lol
    just kidding
    Please explain a little more thoroughly :)
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    Ok no problem.

    Let say that u select DCT0 and set the timings 6-6-6-18, so, all ur RAM will run with that specs, u save that specs in the BIOS and reboot ur rig.

    After that, u enter to the BIOS again and select DCT1 and set the timings 4-4-4-12 and do the same process that the 1st time.

    In this part, we can see the DCTO and DCT1 like RAM profiles that u select it depends of ur needs.

    Now, with "both" I mean that u enter to the BIOS and set the same timings specs for DCT0 and DCT1.
  4. Ohk
    I got it.
    Thanks very much!! :)
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