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When receive my new pc, I have been thinking of a better Hdd setup then the offered 2 x 1 tb raid 0 config. I was thinking of purchasing a 120gb or larger SSD for the operating system and using the two 1 tb drives as additional storage, does this void warranty?

Can anyone suggest a good way to set this up even using 2 x SSD drives and 2 x 1tb sata's? I want a good safe and fast system the also offers loads of storage.

System will be alienware aurora ALX, x58 chipset with i7 990x processor.

I might add, I do a lot of work on photoshop CS5, with large RAW images
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  1. I am looking at the OCZ SSD sataIII vertex 3, read 550 write 500, are these a good option?
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    I doubt that you will need an ssd raid option. The single ssd you are looking at will speed things up nicely.

    Keep your working files for Photoshop on the SSD if you have space copy them to the raid when you are finished. It's the closest thing to keeping your whole project in RAM.

    I think the important thing is to run good backups. You don't need to worry much about a drive dying if everything is backed up like it should be.
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