Heya all ..;-)

i want to ask about ATI Radeon 4670 1 GB

is it good for gaming ?
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  1. Depends on your monitor resolution. A 4670 is a minimal gaming card that will be OK at low resolutions (like 1024x768).

    If you give your monitor resolution and the games you want to play you will probably get some graphics card recommendations.
  2. It will get you in the door but it won't put you at the front of the line. The 4670 is more of a multimedia card in that it gives good performance over most things, but when it comes to games it just gets you in the door. The lower the resolution you are playing at, the more you will be able to turn up the graphic settings, but you will want to leave AA and AF off, for the most part. It is a good card if you just need something to get you playing games at "OK" graphics.

    Is this a general questions, or are you planing to make a purchase? If so, list your specs, what resolution you will be playing at, what games you intend to play, and your budget.
  3. Of course i want to purchase ....

    My pc specifications is { INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.13 GHz , 3 GB OF DDR2 RAM /800 MHz , and the mainboard INTEL DG965RY , WITH 1066 MHz front side speed bus }

    i'm using 17 inch monitor with { 1280x1024 } ‎

    and i want to play games like { NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT , CFD4 , ASSASSIN CREED , EMPIRE , etc
  4. Oh about the budget i only have 200$ .
  5. What Power Supply do you have?

    A 4670 will play those game, but I'm not sure at what resolution. A 5750/5770 might suit your needs better, they run $145/$175. We just need to make sure your PSU can handle it. What OS do you have?
  6. I have windows XP SP2
    and 500 watt power supply and i can buy a newer if it needs
  7. At 1280x1024 a 5770 should play anything at maximum. You might even get away with a 5750 at that resolution. If you upgrade to a larger widescreen monitor you would want the 5770. If your power supply has a single 6pin PCIE power cable and your motherboard has a PCIEx16 slot your computer will handle a 5770.
  8. I don't want 5770 OR 5750 because they are very big and maybe they will make a touch with the ram slots .. They are very close ....

    Give me your final opinion and i'll be thankfull ...

    4670 or 4850 ?

    4670 have a faster core frequ , 128-bit interface but the 4850 have a huge number of stream process ....and 256-bit interface .
  9. Desertstorm1 said:
    I don't want 5770 OR 5750 because they are very big and maybe they will make a touch with the ram slots .. They are very close ....

    The HD5750 is shorter than a HD4850 and about half an inch longer than a HD4670...
  10. I'M AFRAID THAT 5750 very expensive here in my country ....:-9
  11. I'M AFRAID THAT 5750 very expensive here in my country ....:-9

    and we don't have online buying
  12. there is always online buying unless you have no internet. Use ebay and get it shipped duh
  13. PLZ ALL OF YOU { 4670 OR 4850 } ?
  14. I'd probably go with the HD4850 if those are your only options.
  15. Desertstorm1 said:
    I have windows XP SP2
    and 500 watt power supply and i can buy a newer if it needs

    Out of curiosity why haven't you installed SP3?
  16. What about the core freq does it make matter if the 4850 freq lower than 4670 ?
  17. no, because the 4850 has more than double the SPU's and it is a 256bit card vs. a 128bit...

    4670><4770><4850><4870 etc......
  18. OK , I want to understand something ....

    What's the differance between { ATI , HIS , XFX , AND SAPPHIRE ?
    Do they all belong to AMD company or what?

    Plz if anyone knows the full answer tell me
  19. HIS HD 4850 512 MB IceQ 4, it blow hot air to the back out of your case, never had problem so far and happy about it's performance...
  20. Please answer my question above.:-(
  21. Is the 4850 or 4670 require a 6 pin connector?
  22. 4670 doesn't need a 6 pin connector, but 4850 need one...
  23. Ok thanks ;-)

    but i want to ask Is the 9800 GT BETTER THAN 4670

    And if it is . What's the price of 9800 GT?
  24. Don't get a 9800GT, get a GTX+/GTS 250 or 4850.... the 9800GT is a weak card, specially for the price....

    EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+

    EVGA 512-P3-1153-TR GeForce GTS 250

    XFX HD-485X-YDFC Radeon HD 4850
  25. I heard many problems about the 4850 ?..
    Like heating up and crash
  26. the 4850 works fine, its all about taste, if you are a previous ATI owner then you should be fine with the 4850, if you prefer Nvidia the get yourself one of the above =)

    GPU's will get hot regardless, it all comes down to what case you have (airflow), cable management and ambient temp.
  27. IT will be my final question ..

    GEFORCE 9800 GTX OR ATI 4850 ?

    Let me now the highest price of the 9800 GTX because i only have 220$ ....
  28. 220$ US? If so you can opt for a GTX 260/5770 instead... If not get the GTS 250, basically the same price as the GTX+.
  30. are you buying the card from a website or local store?
  31. No , from a local store
  32. Desertstorm1, you have not given us nearly enough information to help you.

    First and most important is how many PCIE power cables does your power supply have?

    You mentioned a space problem inside your case, you need to measure how long the card can be from the back edge of computer. Your Case and PSU models or links to them would be rally useful to have. Cards like the 9800gtx+ require 2 PCIE cables and are 10.5 inches long. It may just not be an option.

    It would be nice if you could list the cards you have available and their prices so we could make some judgement if one is ridiculously overpriced compared to another.
  33. Look about the space in the case amd the PSU don't worry :-)
    i'll take care of them but i'm just afraid of price

    I WANT TO BUY ...

    { GEFORCE 9800 GTX+
    OR 9800 GTX
  34. 9800 GTX+ then...
  35. Is the 9800 GTX+ good for the upcoming games? ,
    means for the future?
  36. Yes, it can max out nearly all current games at good resolutions except system-killers such as Crysis.
  37. OH CRYSIS ........... :-9
  38. At 1280x1024 a 9800 GTX+ is strong. At 1680x1050 its only OK. I just replaced a 9800 GTX+ with a 5770 and went from playing at high settings/no AA to ultra high with AA at 1680x1050. Since it only has 512MB RAM you will want to turn of AA to improve performance.
  39. I usually play games at { 1280x1024 } because i don't have a large screen ;-)

    can i max all the setting like AA and AF and visual sync at this resolution ???
  40. Guys just answer my last question plz...:-(
  41. I dont know about 1280x1024 or the games you play. I know it can not run 50FPS smoothly with AA/AF at 1680x1050 in the MMORPGs I play. A Radeon 4870 (1GB) would be a much stronger card at about the same price in the US.
  42. Aha thanks
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