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HI Guys,

I have one hard-drive in which I installed my operating system
c: vista 32

now on the same HDD I have partitioned off another which I installed another operating system on.
z: Vista 64

If I delete my first operating system will my second operating system themn become my master operating system? with no problems?

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  1. You may need to fix the MBR (master boot record). In the MBR it still wants to boot from the first partition. You'll need to create a new one so that it sees the your second partition as the first one.

  2. In your disk manager there should be a way to mark a partition as active. The active partition is what it should try to boot from.
  3. so if i make that the active boot then delete my first OS install i should be ok:? or shall i just start from scratch ? delete everything and do a fresh install ?
  4. You should delete the first partition, move Vista 64 partition to the start of the disc (OS partition should be near the start of the HD as much as possible), a free solution like QPart can do this. Then you can use the Windows repair feature with the installation DVD.
  5. Another idea is to grab another hard drive and clone the partition to it.
  6. masterasia said:
    Another idea is to grab another hard drive and clone the partition to it.

    what app would i use for that ?
  7. jagzc said:
    what app would i use for that ?

    I'm using Acronis.
  8. You can go to cnet and search for free partition managers.
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