580 gtx refrence card first time oc

I have been oc'ing processors for years but have not attempted a GPU yet. I have recently just WC my pc and am wanting toOC my 580. I was curious on how long people stresstest using EVGA oc Scanner X for ? I am at 1100mV ( core voltage )m 850 core clock speed, 1700 shader clock and 2100 memory clock. Any help would be great thanks a ton.
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  1. If in water cooling your PC the GPU is also being water cooled then by all means overclock the GPU, but if your 580GTX is still being air cooled I do not suggest overclocking the GPU.

    I have 2 EVGA 580GTX water cooled in SLI, I use EVGA Precision and EVGA Voltage Tuner.

    I was curious on how long people stresstest

    What would be the purpose of stress testing unless you were shooting for the highest possible clocks you could run?

    If you are water cooling your 580GTX you should easily be able to run the GTX 580 FTW Hydro Copper 2 settings with zero problems.

    Water cooled it is more than capable of handling those settings.
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