How much should I sell it for?

I built a new computer roughly 6 months ago and now I'm selling it because I need the cash. Just wondering what people think would be a fair price?

Antec 300 case
2x 30GB OCZ Vortex SSD (currently in Raid 0)
640GB Caviar black HD
320GB HD
Gigabyte 790X motherboard
4GB Gskill DDR2 800
Phenom II X3 720
Sunbeam Contact freezer aftermarket cooler
Logitec keyboard
Logitec G5 Gaming mouse
LG Bluray/DVD combo drive
LG DVD RW drive
22" Acer widescreen LCD
Creative 5.1 Surround sound speakers

and maybe a few other miscellaneous things.
I can go find most of the items on newegg if that would be helpful.
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  1. If you're lucky, $700
  2. If you split it up you will make more money total, but it will be more work to sell it. I would suggest taking out the SSDs and the 640GB drive and only lleaving the 320 GB. Also keep the blu-ray drive. People are not going very much extra for the blu-ray or the SSDs you would be better off just saving them for your next system. Overall I'd say expect about 500-600, but you might get lucky.
  3. I would say $800-900 but you might have trouble explaining to most potential buyers why that computer is better than the ones at WalMart. Most people don't know what an SSD drive is and why they should pay extra for it.
  4. What's the video card?
  5. Wow I'm not sure how I forgot to add that in, it's a Radeon HD 4870 1GB with the vapor X cooler by sapphire.
  6. ^ It's kind of important :lol:

    I think you could get close to $850 or $900. Higher end systems aren't selling very well with the economy the way it is. In a good economy, I think you could get more.

    Jsrudd made a good point though. Look on Ebay, not many people are bidding on the higher end systems. You may get more out of it by selling it in pieces.
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