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Hey all, has anyone else had nothing but trouble with these cards? i am on my second now, the first one went faulty within a couple of months, and this second one has the same problem but in a matter of days, the first one i owned was discontinued! anyone know if this is cuz of some big problem with them? im thinking about going with a 5770 instead! but dont really wanna get a first generation dx11 card, as you can gaurantee by the time dx11 is standard, this card wont handle it!
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  1. I have two, neither has had an issue. XFX replacement policy is great though, tehy will replace it untl you get one that works. Which version did you get with this much issue?
  2. first one i had was the first revision of the card, with that huge bulky red cooler on it, and the second is the hawx one, clocked at 870 and 975, both failed, i followed overclocking guides to the letter, and also xfx technicians advice to the letter, i think im gunna replace with the powercolour one, as it is clocked at 950 and 1050, then i just wont ever bother overclocking at all
  3. If you can get a powercolor without losing any money then by all means. They have far inferior support if somethnig does go wrong though. Make sure your PSU is up to snuff as well, don't want to get a new card and have it eaten by a bad power connector.

    But keep in mind that XFX covers overclocking in the warranty, they are obligated to replace your cards until you get one that works.

    By the way, the two I ahve were the first 4890s out, the ones with the stock ati cooler, both runnig at 875 stock, I have them at 925 most of the time (though they may be at 915 atm).
  4. I would stick with XFX. They will take care of you and stand by their product until you have a card that works.

    Question though, do you have a quality PSU? I experienced two failed XFX 4870x2s in 3 months this past summer with a good PSU, so I am not doubting that you may have recieved some bunk cards, but it can't hurt to be sure that your PSU isn't on the way out, feeding dirty power to your components.
  5. the psu is an antec truepower 550, i checked this with xfx and they have informed me that it is more than sufficient for my needs. The psu is extremely reliable, (touch wood) and i have not had any problems with it, it has plenty of amperage spare and the recommended wattage for my entire system under full load is 478 watts, thats me severely over compensating. i just dont think i will overclock any more, also im not buying it direct from powercolor, im buying from ebuyer, they offer a one year warranty, i will more than likely be upgrading before then any way. I do prefer XFX for warranty, but i really need a performance boost, im hoping the extra core and memory clock will really achieve that
  6. powercolor over XFX??? Just RMA that card, you should get the revised version with the new RED cooler.
  7. i have the revised version i think? the version i had with the red cooler was discontinued! this is the version i have now this is the old one, i have seen that the powercolor card im looking at, out performs the xfx xxx edition, which out performs my card very substantially, so for the same price, i am looking at around 2000 more marks in 3dmark and around 10fps more in pretty much every game im playing, as i upgrade every 6 months to a year, i think ebuyer's warranty will cover me sufficiently, and at the end of the day, if the card does go south on me, i can rma it
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