Moving Raid 0 from Asrock X58 extreme to Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3


my ASROCK X58 extreme seemed to have failed after 2 years of use which is unfortunate. I have all my sensitive data on other drives and I have a RAID 0 (2x320 gb) as a scratch disk for video editing. Usually I would not have any valuable data there, but I had to reshuffle files to free up my disk with my pictures on it. No I moved all my nice video clips I took with my EOS and other cams to the RAID drive temporarily. This is now the bummer, because soon after that the mobo decided to give up.

I would like to know if I can move that RAID 0 config onto another ASROCK board without losing the data - which would be really unfortunate. I don't see the value in replacing the old Mboard as this could be an opportunity to upgrade my 2 year old system onto the newer generations.

My Plan is to switch from the ASROCK X58 Extreme to the ASROCK Z68 Extreme4 Gen3. Is that possible without losing my data or should I try to get the same Mobo and skip the upgrade?

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    plug the drives into the new board and turn on raid in the bios. the raid controller might see the raid config and build the old raid. if this does not happen then create a new raid volume including all the drives you had in raid-0 with the same strip size. then go into windows with out installing or formatting the drives. run a data recovery software on the drives and you should be able to get data. get data back for ntfs has worked for me in the past in this exact scenario.
  2. ok, looks like I will try it that way...
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