Razer Naga not awaking after sleep mode

Well, this problem recently started to happen to me. I have Windows 8 Drivers for my razer naga, when I put it to sleep mode it does not wake from it, lights are still off, I have to put it into sleep mode again and then it might work. It usually turns on after the second sleep awaking. Its quite annyoing.
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  1. Turn OFF sleep mode lol..
  2. You see my computer is on all day and sleep mode is good for me as my comp awakes from it really quickly
  3. nothing?
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    Both my computers would not wake after sleep once windows 8 was installed.

    I updated both chipset drivers from the amd site. NOT from the motherboard page but from the general "amd chipsets" for windows 8 page. Both computers seem to be working now. (note: neither of my motherboards have windows 8 drivers listed on the motherboard pages yet)

    I think its the AHCI drivers specificaly, but not sure.

    hope it works for you.
  5. But this is only happening to my Razer Naga. Thanks for the help though, Razer has been helping me now. It fixed it for a while unplugging and plugging. Razer is helping me so no need for this.
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