How to fix dell dimension 8400 floppy diskette seek failure

how do I fix floppy diskette seek failure
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  1. disable the floppy disk in the bios. you dont really use it do you?
    or you can buy a new floppy disk.
  2. mohanbegur said:
    how do I fix floppy diskette seek failure

    floppy diskette failure is not limited to the floppy disk drive. It's just telling you that your drive is not being recognized. Meaning your hard drive is either dead like mine is, or a cable came loose from the hard drive.

    I get the same message, and the choices for F1 to continue, F2 for setup or F5 for system diagnostic. Run the system diagnostic and one of the first things that will be tested is your hard drive. If it says NO HARD DRIVE DETECTED or TEST RESULTS NOT APPLICABLE then you have a problem with your hard drive.

    I also went out and bought a USB SATA docking station. I took the hard drive out of the affected computer and put it in the docking station which is attached to my other computer. The USB connection shows up in the systray but when I got to MY COMPUTER it is not there.

    Also, when going into BIOS even though the drive is dead it will still show up because there is a small file in the drive that contains the drives manufacturing information. But you might notice that where it says SIZE OF DRIVE it will say UNKNOWN. IF this is so, the drive is dead.

    If you need info off the drive, you can try putting the hard drive in the freezer for 20 minutes, sometimes this helps cool off the hard drive part that has failed and allows it to work for a short time. Good luck. Replace the drive..
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