Using Poweredge 2600 server as chassis for gaming system

Have a Dell poweredge 2600 server, and am researching the feasibility of
replacing its motherboard to build a gaming system. Any feedback on
using the poweredge 2600 server box and some of its components to
do this is greatly appreciated. thanksl
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  1. That would probably depend on the configuration of the motherboard tray (ATX, m-ATX, E-ATX) as well as the power supply (whether a replacement would fit).

    -Wolf sends
  2. I actually just replaced a Dell Poweredge 2600 at work not too long ago so I am pretty familiar with that case.

    What your doing is possible. However I don't think it gives you an advantage for cooling, cable management or anything like that. Dell's cases (especially the server cases) are very proprietary and are made to fit smoothly with only their fittings. If I remember correctly; that model may have some funky hard drive bay/integrated raid card set up which might make things difficult. You might even find that the Dell case power and LED pin connectors are proprietary in some way and work with only their motherboard!

    Unless you specifically want a gaming machine that looks like a Dell server I would just buy a real case.
  3. A good gamer case can be had for around $100? Why bother with this? I looked up the specs and Dell seems vague on whether the thing houses an ATX motherboard/PSU or something proprietary. I'm just not able to discern any tangible benefits for even attempting to go this route.

    A 2600 has a worthless (for gaming) CPU, terrible memory (DDR!), horrible video capabilities and is a generally ugly looking case. Unless you're hiding some detail from us, maybe you need to rethink your plan.
  4. Oh, and 90 lbs fully loaded? Ha ha ha ha ha. No thanks.
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