Help overclocking amd fx 4100 on GA-M68MT-S2 board

What would be the best settings to get my amd 4100 3.6 ghz to 4.0 ghz using a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 board ?


Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2
AMD FX 4100 quad core 3.6 ghz
8 gb ram
Amd radeon hd 6850
640w powersupply
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  1. an aftermarket cooler and some patience :)
  2. I have both of these and have had trouble with OC'ing on this mobo.

    Turn off all boosts and whatever then press ctrl+F1 and go into chipset settings.

    I haven't been able to turn up the multiplier more than 19x otherwise it just goes back to auto. So put it to 19x, then turn up the CPU base clock a few Hz to get to 4Ghz

    Although someone with a fix for this issue would be nice!
  3. I have rang the people who soled me my PC with these specs and they say that the M68MT-S2 motherboard is VERY limited in overclocking in general and its best to leave turbo boost on :( sorry to dissapoint guys, I think you have to overclock the Processor on another motherboard unfortunately, if any of you did have any luck I'd love to know!
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