Can a 6 ohm sub work for computer

Can I use a 6 ohm stereo sub through a Altec Lansing PC Speaker? I do not know the wattage of it but its an old stereo speaker, should work with a 16 gauge wire right?
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  1. In matching a speaker to a source (amp) you have to consider both the impedance and the power ratings. Many larger older speakers (especially subwoofers) were designed to put out lots of sound by using lots of input power from the amp. But the average PC sound card does not have a big powerful output amp stage. So although the speaker may work, you may not get enough sound out of it. That is, unless you also can provide a small amplifier between PC and speaker. The amp could be a bit tricky, too, because most amps are NOT intended to be fed from a speaker output designed for a 4-, 6- or 8-ohm load.
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