Catalyst control center problem

catalyst control center is not installed in my windows 7
so the games are unable to display in full screen
what can i do
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  1. Try starting here.

    If you have a discrete graphics card installed, use these steps:

    For Keywords, I entered "Catalyst Control Center", but probably not necessary.
    Product Type, selected Graphic cards - Desktop
    Product, I left at "Any", though I recommend you select your graphics card series.
    Operating System, I entered Windows 7 - 64 Bit, but if you only have Windows 7 32-bit, select that instead.

    Click the Submit button.

    Look for an option that states: ATI Catalyst Display Driver and click that link. This should take you to a page that has several options for downloads. Look for an option that allows you to download the Catalyst Control Center software separately. Download and install that.

    If you have an on-board chipset, the steps are slightly different. From the link above, select "Chipsets and Motherboards" from the Product Type drop down. When the screen refreshes, select your on-board chipset from the Product drop down and click submit. Click on the Drivers and Downloads tab of the results. Look for a link that states "ATI Catalyst Display Driver" and click that link. This should give you the option to download the Full Software Suite (which included Catalyst Control Center).

    -Wolf sends
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