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Building a gaming computer for the first time

Last response: in Systems
November 18, 2009 8:01:06 PM

I have been pretty good with computers since windows 95 came out. I have never built but tinkered with memory and video cards. So when it comes to buying parts lets just say I don't have a clue. To get started I guess I need to decide if im going intel or amd. Which is best for low budget and upgradable down the road.
November 18, 2009 8:29:56 PM

We need a lot more information than that to make any build suggestions. Please post using the format in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky at the top of the forum.
November 19, 2009 1:24:19 PM

AMD is the better for low prices and upgrade paths. Comparable Intel CPUs will cost you a good $100 more than the best AMD CPUs, and give you almost no upgrade path. If you go with an AM3 socket for AMDs, you can build anything from a bargain build to a powerhouse. Intel builds will require to change sockets at least twice, if not three times.

It also would help to know you budget, computer's usage, etc...
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November 19, 2009 5:16:37 PM

Also look at the sticky "builds by usage" to get a feel for what you want.
November 19, 2009 6:41:03 PM

To answer your question AMD is really cheaper.. and I prefer AMD but thats my OP.
November 19, 2009 6:42:43 PM

^Obvious fanboy is obvious :kaola: 
November 19, 2009 6:53:05 PM

... Um thats why I said AMD is cheaper and in my op i'd pick AMD... Fan boy would say...

OMG AMD for the win man!!! Holy Cow get one Intel sucks major!!!

BUT.. I didn't do that did I :/ 
November 19, 2009 7:00:42 PM

That's a good build, assuming the budgets $800. If it's more like $700, trade the CPU for AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8 GHz or another AM3 socket CPU, and downgrade the video card.

If it's more, stick some more RAM/HDD space in there.

To get more specific, we need more info...
November 19, 2009 7:03:22 PM

Yes we really need more info... Use thread they said to use ^^^ and post back.
I gave you a great build for $800 tho