NetServer Issues

I own an HP NetServer LC3, but it has been having problems lately.

Here are the specs:
PIII @ 500mhz
640mb RAM
3x 7gb SCSI hard drives
NT Server 4.0

After several years, it began to have the dreaded:

*** Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
*** The system has halted ***

when it started up from a soft reboot. Some of the RAM did not even test in the BIOS from a soft reboot (and the BIOS never gave beeps or errors). If I start it using the power button it is fine. A few months of sitting around, the CMOS battery was dead (could that have something to do with it?) and when I started up the machine, it was painfully slow (the cursor lagged on the screen, no applications would start). Finally, I attempted to reinstall Windows NT, and it managed to get to the text mode file copying stage. In the middle of this process, I got the "Hardware Malfunction" for a about a half a second and the machine reset. Any ideas? I have a feeling it's RAM.
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  1. Yes it probably is your can test this with memtest86+
    But, first, when the cmos battery died and you replaced it, did you set all the bios settings back to normal?
    Because the bios looses all settings when the battery you might have to call the people at hp or ask someone here what the settings are.
    Hope this helps....JQ
  2. Memtest86+ found nothing but I haven't changed the CMOS battery yet so I will take your advice to replace the battery ask HP for the default settings (wouldn't they be reset to their defaults anyway after the battery dies?). If that fails, any other ideas?
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