Bios upgrade Destroys Raid5 Array, any bright ideas?

Any Knowlagable people have ideas about this issue I have experienced?

i7 2600k
8GB DDR3 4x2gb
GTX570 1280mb
Vertex3 120gb (SATA0) Boot
WD20EARS 2TB x4 (SATA 2,3,4,5) Raid5

Running: WIN7 pro x64

Ok so here is an interesting little issue I face after setting up the above system installing drivers, pulling the OS off my network etc. I transferred a lot of data from my old box to this Raid array (RAID5 One volume 5.5tb.)
At this point I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version to get correct performance out of my SSD version F7 from the gigabyte site, the upgrade happened smoothly without issue, apparently. However when the machine was rebooted the disks on SATA2 and SATA5 have been taken out of the array and the data held appears to be lost. When I check the Intel Raid tool during Boot I notice the drives are indeed non member disks, and automated recovery of the array is not possible. The array is still listed as disks 2 and 3 are still members and still hold the array name and locations However the Overall Status is listed as Failed. So I can not re-add the disks without Data Loss, I really need to recover the data they do hold. I have made no changes to the disks since They should still hold everything exactly as the array left it. How to I re-build this Array and keep the data it holds? Anyone with a smart idea? or good suggestion for a workaround?

Many thanks to those with helpful ideas.
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  1. Only thing I can suggest is an unfortunate bank account rape by disklabs for a lengthy data recovery process.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I ended up taking the two existing drives out of the array inside Rapid Storage, then loading R-studio Virtualising the array and recovering the data myself, it was still there exactly as I had left it, just needed the disks to be non members to be read.
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