I7 920 & GA-EX58-UD3R = Heat Problem?

Hi there,

I've just assembled an i7 920 with the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R mobo, and the stock CPU fan. Booting up for the first time directly into the BIOS showed CPU temperature of 60' C, and it steadily climbed every 20s by 1' C, until it reached 68 'C and I turned it off. For a first-time boot right into the BIOS and idling, this seems extraordinarily high, I'm guessing.

One thing which concerns me. When I seated the stock CPU Fan, I pushed down the clips until they clicked, and turned with the direction of the arrows. However, my CPU fan wobbling slightly from side to side. I've never seen this with CPU fans in the past.

Does the stock fan sit perfectly with the GA-EX58 series, or is a little wobbling if I push sideways normal?

Is an idle temp of 60' C normal?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Note, I turned it off manually (it did not turn off by itself).
  2. I haven't used a stock Intel Cooler since ... well last millenium :)

    So I'm going from fuzzy memories.....

    You left the thermal interface material on when installing ?

    All corners springs look same ?

    Unit itself doesn't wobble ?

    Is fan making noise ?

    can you read fan rpm in BIOS ?
  3. Wierd, I just pushed the fan around a little and now the CPU temp is down to 40 ' C. Could it be that it takes a few mins for the goo to melt and cool into place?

    CPU FAN is 1412 RPM. System Temp is 27' C. MCH is 28'C.
  4. Oh gosh :) Let me try the arrows the opposite way ....
  5. That worked. 32' C fairly consistently. Wow ... it's clearly been AGES since I did this :) I lost the touch over the years getting lazy buying pre-built mac laptops.

    Thanks everyone!
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