Evga 790i ultra boot failure

I'm having a boot issue with my evga 790i ultra and am stuck scratching my head as to how it might be fixed. The problem started when my brother thought he discovered overclocking and messed with the fsb (upped it to 1444 from stock 1333). There was a blue screen, and after that system will boot through post to the black windows 7 welcome screen (the one with the pulsing windows symbol). The system hangs there for a good five minutes, then gives up and runs POST again. When I try again, windows offers the whole "windows failed to boot, let me help you find out why", but when I pursue the option it simply looks for errors but never finds them. Any thoughts?
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  1. Try clearing the BIOS and putting the machine back to stock configuration to get it working again.

    nVidia nForce 600/700 chipsets are a little tricky to overclock.

    The nVidia nForce 600/700 chipset overclocks a little differently from the other Intel BIOS's. You set the FSB clock, not the FSB freq. And you can run the memory "linked" or "Unlinked".

    This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide (generic guide based on an Asus motherboard)
    Use this for background information only.

    Your stock settings (this will depend on what kind of CPU you have):
    FSB clock - 1066 MHz or 1333 MHz (same as 266 or 333 MHz FSB freq)
    Set memory to Linked (or perhaps "Synced").
    Memory freq should be 1066 or 1333 MHz depending on the CPU.

    Enable manual CPU control.

    Set memory voltage to factory recommended voltage or up to 2.2 volts for DDR2 RAM or 1.65 volts for DDR3.

    Now start increasing the FSB. Stress test. If the system fails, increase CPU voltage and retest.

    Repeat the above step until:
    1. No more improvement in CPU speed, or
    2. Core voltage equals 1.45 volts, or
    3. Load temps reach 70 C.

    1:1 FSB:RAM ratio is best for stability, plus there is little improvement in system performance if trying to run the RAM faster.

    Leave SpeedStep enabled.
  2. Thanks mate, I got the thing up and running again, and it's purring along at a little over 3.1 ghz.

    Very helpful advice.
  3. You are welcome.
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