Bios can't detect the dvd rom makes me unable to install new OS. :(

i've tried to install windows 7 in my laptop. i've inserted the boot dvd n formatted the C drive to install the new OS. however, the installation was unsuccessful. i took out the dvd boot. but then, the bios can't detect my dvd rom. :??: i dont know what to do now. can anybody help me to make the bios detect my dvd rom again??
confused. :(
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  1. See if you can reset the bios; look for a motherboard battery and try removing it for one minute with the system off. Then reconnect the dvd drive with both the power supply and sata cables and try again.
  2. If you add some information such laptop model, we could give you some suggestions, particularly specific suggestions regarding BIOS settings which may not be set correctly to detect DVD-ROM drive.
  3. 1) ack! i just posted the same problem but is for my desktop. but my dvd drive won't even open (SATA btw) I can't install my OS which is Win 7 ultimate. Not even the BIOS detects it.

    2) when i used my old IDE roms [1 cd/dvdr (working fine)], [1 samsung that powers on, but does not read which i consider broken] BIOS does detect both.

    3) Are there any other solution then buying a new Drive? of course I'm going to buy the ALL-IN-1 drive..If i have to =\
  4. ok its a compaq presario V3700
    model number V3839TU
    using core 2 duo processor..
    pls help!
    i dont wanna spend so much by sending it to someone else. :(
  5. i've tried to open the lappy back cover to find the cmos battery. it kind of hard to get it loose, and it stuck near the battery compartment. and i dont want to risk breaking the cover. any other solution perhaps?
  6. noname89 try clearing the CMOS on your motherboard.Your mothrboard manual should hae a section re. this.
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