HUGE Error. Screens ID swapped! Please help!

I'm using an ACER P244w set at 1920x1050.
I plugged my old samsung CRT and set them as dual views.
the res of the samsung is 1280x1024.

I don't know what I did, but at some point, everything went black and when it reappeared,
the screens ID switched.
Now the ACER is recognized as the Samsung and has a max res of 1280x1024!!
I tried everything, nothing worked.

I desperately need to fix this, as I'm editing an HD movie scene and it's due for next two days.

Even the Nvidia control panel can't see the ACER beyond 1280x1024. I tried t revert all settings, and bring back ACER as the main single monitor, but now it can't go back to 1920x1050...

im using Nvidia 8800 gts 512mb alpha dog

please help
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  1. Right click -> Properties -> Settings

    Make sure your LCD is in the correct order.
  2. i checked.
    the order did not matter
    let's say when I do the 'IDENTIFY'
    my ACER screen is #1, and the #1 on the drop down list is labelled as "Samsung" and the res is 1280x1024

    the #2 is labelled as ACER , which in reality is Samsung, and have res up to 1920x1050 which the samsung screen does not even support.

    seems like everything is swapped around//
  3. Why don't you just unplug the samsung...?
  4. did unplug it, but the ACER is stuck with the Samsung identity.

    so temporarily , I unplugged both and switched them. it works, but the names are still inversed.
    not a big deal, will try to fix this later

    now i feel stupid i didn't though of switching their position on the GFX card..

    thanks for the help
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