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So recently my video card died. So i decided to overclock my CPU to 3.6Ghz because i only had 1 card left. When i did get everything running i noticed that the CPU temp were really high on idle 57C and 75C under load i had to stop because it just kept getting hotter. I Reset everything to default to see if it was the overclock that was causing the high temp. On everything stock, idle is at 52c and under load it's at 67C . i haven't checked my CPU temp since i build my PC over a year ago and it was around 42C on idle and 57C under load. Anyone know what could be causing the high temp or a way to get the CUP temp down? I read somewhere that if don't have the latest BIOS it could cause the high temp. Is this true?
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  1. Open it up, clean out the fans, and make sure that your heatsinks pushpins are full seated and locked in place. One of the main reasons for over heating as time goes on is a build up of dust in the heatsink that restricts airflow, clearing out the dust will probably drop your temps a few degrees. I really wouldnt expect a BIOS update to have any effect on temperatures as temps are strict functions of voltage, and frequency and wouldnt be affected by software.
  2. 57 idle is really high what program you useing to get temps. I have a E8200 which is overclocked at 3.8 with a OCZ vendetta cooler and it only idles at 34C. I would try resetting the heatsink some thermal compounds dry out with age and loose there effectiveness to transfer the heat. I doubt it has anything to do with your bios. Dust and old thermal compound and maybe the program you are useing is wrong i find speedfan on mine to be the most accurate. Check your bios HW monitor and see what that says also see if it matchs what you get in windows.
  3. I'm using Core Temp and Real Temp. I'm also getting a weird change in frequency every few seconds? :??: it jumps from 3000MHz to 2999.9 to 2000.1 to 1999.9 then back to 2999.9 all randomly.i don't know what the hell is going on. I've check the BIOS and it's set to 3000. Could this be a dying CPU?

  4. Those temperatures for that vcore is wayyyyy wrong. Clean your case as advised and remount your heatsink with the PROPER amount of thermal grease. Google for tips on applying it.
  5. I cleaned the case and the heatsink, there wasn't really any dust on the heatsink. I'll reapply better Thermal Paste( is Thermal grease better then Thermal Paste?). What about the weird change in frequency every few seconds? is it because of the high temp?
  6. focka said:
    What about the weird change in frequency every few seconds? is it because of the high temp?

    No, that's 'Speedstep' and it's normal, your CPU is clocking down in an effort to save you money on you electricity bill at the same time as saving the planet for your grandchildren.
  7. Nah its called intel speedstep - notice how your multiplier goes from 6 to 9. Its a way to insure that your processor stays cool when its not working on large calculations.

    Thermal grease and paste are the same thing. Use arctic silver 5 or MX-5 for the best results. Crappy thermal paste can make a huge difference.
  8. thanks a lot guys I'll buy some paste and try to get a better air circulation in my case
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