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Hi, this is actually a post for my brothers pc, but I cannot figure it out as well. He has ddr2 800hz samsung ram that came with a HP pavilion that he bought, he currentally has a asus mobo and a totally new computer, but bought new Corsair 800hz ram. When only the corsair is in the PC boots, When only the samsumg is in it boots, even when there is 1 stick of each it boots, but as soon as the other sticks are added in every imaginable combinations it will not...any suggestions?
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  1. Are you making sure you put them in the right colored slots? Whats the processor/mobo?
  2. Voltage. It is not uncommon to have to up the voltage slightly to get 4 sticks to work.
    What is the default voltage of the Samsung, and what is the default voltage of the Corsair?
    Hoepfully you don't have some crappy Corsair memory that needs like 2.1 volts or more.
  3. I will talk to him tomorrow and find out for sure what the stock voltage of both sticks are, now if the voltage of the samsung is lower than the corsair, is that going to be an issue for the samsung to handle more voltage to get the corsair to run? And would this also have anything to do with the fact that the ram is not running as dual channel?
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