Will directx10 cards be able to play games having directx11 ????

hey i am buying a new computer ... a gaming computer to be more percise......
i am planning on buying a gtx 275 or ati 4890
both are awesome
but dx 11 is on the question is will i be able to play all the dx 11 games with the dx 10 cards that i am planning to buy ?? :sweat: :sweat:
or should i get a dx 11 card....i wanna play all the games....and it should return a decent fps in high resolutions in a 20 inch monitor.......... :??: :??:
my budget for the gpu is within $150-$200...(10000 rupees in indian money )

so people please advice me !!!!!
need ur help........
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  1. very few games will be DX11 exclusive for quite some time, most DX10 games also have a DX9 mode, most DX11 games will also have a DX10 mode for a few years yet so you wont have any incompatibilities.
  2. so u suggest no use buying a dx11 and spending more bucks ??
  3. DirectX 11 requires specific hardware support. There is no way to mod a DX10 card to DX11.
  4. so plzz suggest a card....which i will be able to hang on with for some time(for a year or two)....
  5. 5770 ~ 4870. Might want to go that route if your worried about DX11. You might also want to wait for Nvidia's DX11 cards, but that could be as long as April/May according to last rumor.
  6. well the 5750 and 5770 are as powerfull as a 4850 and 4870. probly your best bet, can find them for ~$150 for 5750 and ~$175 for 5770 on newegg, dono what the prices will be in your area.
    a 5850 and 5870 are roughly as good as two 4850 and two 4870 in crossfire. supply is extremly limited here in the US, only listed these to give you a feel for performance. $300 and $400.
  7. man thats totally out of my budget thnks anyways...........have to stick within $200
  8. Well the ATI 5770 should do the trick. It goes for the same price as the cards you mentioned, supports dx11 and is on par as far as performance goes.
    xfx radeon 5770

    Hardocp benchmarks
  9. DX10 will be around for a while. The games currently being produced still supports DX9. If you really want all the eye candy you want then step up to the HD 5850.
  10. looking to buy one...hard to decide.........
  11. nyone anymore out........
  12. The 5770 is a good choice.
  13. do u know how much the nvidia dx11 cards will cost ??ny idea ???
  14. Im sure nvidia will have some models that will fit in your price range. But the real question is if you want to wait for them or enjoy DX 11 now?
  15. will they be released within the end of december ????
  16. mostlikely not... latest rumor ive heard said that nvidia was releasing some time in 1st quarter of 2010 (mid jan to mid april).
  17. Best answer
    Latest Prices:
    HD 5770:Rs10500

    HD5750:RS 8600

    GTX 260: Rs10000


    I will suggest you to buy HD 5770.Its comparable to 4870 and 260 in performance and has DX11 support.
    Its Power consumption is lesser than 4870/260.
  18. GTX 275 and HD4890 are out of your budget.

    Mention your Monitor's resolution and Other specs of your PC including PSU.
  19. yes gtx 275 is a little out of budget...but in kolkata arihant infotech is selling 4890 for 10000
    still when i am getting dx 11 for the same i will fo for that...thanks subham..........

    the monitor that i will be buying is 20" lcd
    and i will be getting a COOLER MASTER EXTREME 600 WATTS ................

    i hope its ok.......reply plzzz
  20. How about, go with what everybody is saying and get a 5770.
  21. yes i will but.....will cooler master 600 watts be enough for it ???and for a 20 inch monitor ?
  22. coool thnks ....
  23. imho, a 5770 has all the grunt of a 4890, so dx9/10 games will be covered fine, but as for dx11 games, noone can say for any certainty how itll perform. It could turn out to be an absolute dream with them, or it could be that the 5870 doesnt have the power. Highly doubtfull, but its happened in the past!

    for you budget, id go for the 5770, and save up for a second if you find you nedd the extra 'umph'
  24. xupaguy said:
    for you budget, id go for the 5770, and save up for a second if you find you nedd the extra 'umph'

    Assuming the motherboard is Crossfire compatible.
  25. You can find Corsair VX450 for Rs4000.
    It is better quality than CM600w.
    Go for that.

    And 20" LCD will be fine.
  26. jaguarskx said:
    Assuming the motherboard is Crossfire compatible.

    a yes most certinly..i am buying gugabyte ex58 ud5 !!!has tri crossfire and tri sli support !!
  27. thnks again people......
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